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El Rebaño is not a usual card game... You’ll have to go around the table while bleating like a sheep, howl out loud while the rest of the players hide or be the shepherd that calls out the flock, so all the sheep go running towards him… It sounds crazy, right?

The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards. You play a card from your stack in the center of the table and then the turn will follow depending on the card played: Is it a coloured sheep card? The player with that colour will play the next card. Is it a special card like the wolf, the shepherd or the dog? The players will have to perform the action... It might even get dark and nobody will know which colour is for a while! Stay alert in the pen, don’t make any mistake, or you’ll get all the cards from the center of the table!

El Rebaño is an active, fast reaction card game for the whole flock at home!

El Rebaño










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