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This fast-paced tabletop miniatures game allows two or more players to fight out scenes from the Strontium Dog universe defined by legendary comic creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. Players take control of a small team of bounty hunters or the outlaws, criminals and renegades they hunt in gun battles, chases and showdowns across the galaxy.

This starter set is based around the classic confrontation between mutant Search/Destroy agents (AKA Strontium Dogs) Johnny Alpha & Wulf Sternhammer and the infamous Max Bubba's gang - a pivotal storyline within the pages of the galaxy's greatest comic - 2000 AD.

Containing all the game rules, a scenario booklet to help you learn the game and refight the S/D Agents' showdown with their mutant foes, as well as superbly detailed miniatures to fight over the solar farm scenery, this is a great way to get started with your Strontium Dog games.

112-page Full-colour A4 Softback Rulebook
12-page Scenario Booklet
8 Miniatures
‣ Skull
‣ Max Bubba
‣ Impetigo Jones
‣ Wulf Sternhammer
‣ The Gronk
‣ Johnny Alpha
‣ Low-Down O'Phee
‣ Brute Mosely
2 Tokens Sprue
36 Game Cards
6 Character Cards
Laser-cut MDF Solar Farm
2 Six-sided Dice
8 2000AD Combat Dice

Strontium Dog

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