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La Morada Maldita is the story of a ancient gem-collecting explorer who dies. The villagers inherit all the gems. A weird magic emanates from a large purple jewel... do you dare to take it? You shouldn't but it's so pretty...

Each player is placed on the table with their challenge cards face down in front of 65 gems of various shapes and colors, including a large purple gem.

All at once will turn over their first card, which corresponds to a specific gem. You have to find it and pick up the next one and so on until a player is the first to get all the gems that his cards have. And that player will have to take the great purple jewel.

Each player checks his mistakea, taking each correct card to his victory point and each incorrect card is discarded. Those that have not been completed will remain as a bonus for the next round.

The player who got the purple jewel will receive a curse card and play the next round with a handicap. If the event variant is also added ... the game becomes very crazy, with players having to do real tricks with their bodies.

La Morada Maldita










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